Weekly Pregnancy Updates : 34 Weeks

How Far Along:  34 Weeks
Maternity Clothes: Yes, with the exception of a shirt here and there.
Stretch Marks: No, fingers crossed.
Sleep: Still having a couple insomnia riddled nights a week but much better than the every night run I was having.  I suppose I need to get reacquainted with sleepless nights again sooner than later.
Best/Worst Moment This Week: Best: Selah is doing really great with potty training.  I guess I was expecting it to be much more traumatic for both of us but now that we're a week and a half through it, I'm glad I waited to tackle it full-time.  Worst: buying Depends at Walmart this morning but the post partum 'issues'.  Nothing knocks your pride down a peg or two like buying a package of those bad boys.
Have You Told Friends & Family: Yes.
Miss Anything: Not feeling like my stomach is going to explode from stretching.
Movement: Apparently he still has room to move around in there because he's taking full advantage of it.  Ouch.
Food Cravings: I caved and made cookies for the husband.  I'd prefer not to admit how many I actually had today.
Anything Make You Queasy or Sick: Anything in the kitchen trash can pretty much.
Have You Started to Show Yet: Doesn't seem like I have room to get any bigger but it is possible.
Baby Is A: BOY!
Wedding Rings On or Off: Still on comfortably.
Belly Button In or Out: Still out but at the present moment, it's gone back in.  Weird.
Happy or Moody:  Had some hormonal moments but gimme a break, I'm making a person.  It happens.  
Labor Symptoms: Braxton Hicks make their presence known once evening rolls around.  No real contractions...at least that I'm aware of.
Looking Forward To: Meeting the little guy.  I'm willing to bet he has a lot of dark hair like Selah did and I bet he looks just like dad...those Brown genes are strong!  Thanksgiving dinner.  He better not come that day because I'm a labor puker and I'd be seriously bummed to waste my favorite meal of the year.