Lookin' Good...Summer Clothing and Accessories Edition

Normally I'm really excited for summer and the warmer months to get here.  Don't get me wrong; I still am looking forward to it.  However, with a baby due in May, I'm not exactly going to be swimsuit ready right away.  Not like I'm planning on parading around in a bikini all summer but 90% of my pregnancy weight always goes to my butt and legs.  Seriously can't do anything about it but I still hate it.  I'm honestly just hoping to be shorts ready come July.  Bring on the self tanner!  With that little rant out of the way, I do love some of the super cute summery clothes and accessories that are out there.  A little roundup of it shall we?

I have this suuuuper cute pom pom coverup myself.  It is more of a poncho style coverup with no sleeves but if you're even remotely crafty, you can add a couple stitches under the 'arm' area to keep it from slipping around like I did.  It's $11...definitely no room to complain about it moving around.  This is another similar cute one as well.

Another super cute one as well.

And if you're just not quite up for spending $60+ on a swim coverup (which I totally think could also double as a dress if you're daring), there is this option:

Yes, it is coming from China (although we all know how I feel about buying stuff from China...I'm okay with it) but you can't really beat the price for a swim coverup.  Especially when no one in Colorado has a pool in their backyard and it's seriously lacking in outdoor pool options.  

Last summer, I'd been on the hunt for the perfect pair of distressed jean shorts for well over a year.  I take that back.  I'd found a pair that I loved.  And they were $200.  I'm sorry but I am not spending $200 on a pair of jean shorts.  I'm of the 'just because you can afford it doesn't mean you should' mentality.  So on a trip in to my local H&M store one day last summer, I found THE shorts.  Heavy on the distressing without being trashy, lower rise (I'm sorry but I can't get on the high-rise denim anything bandwagon) and the perfect inseam.  Not much I hate more than having to constantly dig my shorts out of my ahem, 'area' because they're too short and are riding up with every step.  Nice mental image for ya there ;)  I bought these shorts 2 sizes too big because I wanted a baggier fit to them but in hindsight, probably should've just gone 1 size bigger.  

These are another cute pair I found at Target.  Not sure how they'd look on as they're considered a high rise and I certainly can't squeeze myself into them right now.  But still, pretty dang cute with that crochet piece on the edges.
So it wouldn't be cute summer attire without some sandals, amiright???  As much as I love the look of lace-up sandals, I also know I don't have the ankles to pull them off.  These sandals (and all the others I'll list below) would look super cute at the beach.  Can you say 'Mexican beach vacay'?

These sandals come in 3 different colors and they're all equally cute.

These and these are both wins from Target, in my book!

Now, if all these will just stay on shelves until I can have this baby and lose the weight so I can fit into some of these in non-maternity sizes! ;)