Harrison : 4 Months Old

This post is a week overdue and I fully blame both kids having a bad cold and Harrison going through the 4 month sleep regression.  Yikes.

Weight and Length: At his 4 month appointment, he weighed 16.2 pounds and is 26 1/2 inches long.  He's leveled off a bit in the weight gain but is not tiny by any means and is creeping up in the height percentile just like sister.

Health: This fall and winter have been seriously rough on all of us health wise.  It's been one variation of a cold after another.  Dan and Selah both had a pretty bad cold RIGHT when we moved and it seemed that Harrison and I escaped it but alas, we both came down with a much milder version of it (thank you Lord) a week later.  I have half a mind to drop an A-Bomb inside the house to get rid of any germs so we can stop getting sick every other week.  And this is without anyone in school!

He's been teething hard core for a month now and if he's not soaking every shirt he's in with drool, he's got his hands crammed in his mouth.  I had bought him one of the amber teething necklaces like Selah had (same size and everything) but since I have such a Hoss for a baby, it was way too small so I need to order a bigger size to help him with the teething issues.

Sleep: He goes down for bed every night right around 6:30 and depending on the night will either wake up just once or go all night and wake up between 6 and 7AM.  As much as I love the nights where he doesn't wake up, I think any mom who breastfeeds will tell you that 12 hours of not emptying the ladies puts you in serious pain come morning time! ;)

Personality: Harrison has become quite the little charmer.  He loves smiling at people and is very chatty now.  He'll talk to the toys on his bouncy seat and will chat with me...probably because I make ridiculous noises and use baby talk.  It's mildly embarrassing and I only do it when no one else is around ;).  He also loves when you come in to get him from a nap or in the morning and will kick and smile a lot.

Diet: He's still on exclusive breastmilk with the occasional formula bottle here and there.  I am extremely proud of myself for having gotten 4 months with only giving him less than a half dozen bottles of formula, and those have been just in the last couple weeks.  He eats a TON and I can probably attribute my supply dip to the stresses of moving, being sick and having to put one of our dogs down and that we have a future sumo wrestler on our hands.  I beat myself up over having to give Selah formula but I certainly am not going to this time.

Clothes: Oh the struggles of figuring out which size clothes (and how many) to get for Harrison.  3-6 month clothes are just about done for him and he's in to 6-9 month clothes now.  He seems to outgrow the Circo brand onesies quicker than Carters as those seem to be made for short, fat babies and we've got a tall, fat baby ;)  I bought this super cute 3-6 month one piece in the fall and went to put it on him this past weekend and could barely snap the legs around his thankles.  And it was a brand that runs big!  

Likes: He loves his bouncy seat and will grab onto all the toys and talk to them whenever he's in it.  He's also developed a thing for rubbing soft things against his face when he goes to sleep.  He had a little giraffe lovey that he was really loving at nap time but it has gone missing since we spent a couple days up in the mountains so he's been using Selah's pink elephant lovey until I can find a suitable replacement.

He also loves his baths!  I wash him in one of those blue whale tubs that has a ledge for his butt and he's constantly kicking and squirming around so much I have to keep one hand on him to keep him from sliding down under the water!

Dislikes: He no longer wants a pacifier, which I'm more than okay with.  And he definitely does not like being put down when he's super hungry.

Postpartum: I'm feeling good and getting back into a regular fitness regimen which makes me feel great all around.  If my mornings are too busy, then I try to workout after both the kiddos have gone to bed.  It's important for Mom to make time for herself and feel good about herself too!  It's good for everyone involved ;)