Harrison : 8 Months

Weight: Still living up to his Hulk nickname.  Chunky legs and small feet...it's pretty cute.  I'm not sure of his exact weight because we don't have a digital scale but he's still gotta be in the 20+ pounds range.

Health & Milestones: We went to California to see family in July and that's when he decided to do 2 major milestones: he got his 2 bottom teeth AND started crawling!  Just a few crawls here and there but once we got home, he was off.  And started sitting upright all on his own! 

Sleep: Sleep is still going well.  He goes to bed around 6:30 and will usually be asleep within 20 minutes.  He likes to crawl around his crib, check out the corners and then pass out til between 6:30-7AM.  He usually takes 3 naps a day still: 8:30ish, 12:30 and 4pm.  Some days he can go without the 3rd nap if we're super busy and out and about but I really like to be at home in the afternoon.  Yes I am old and boring.

Personality: He is pretty chill.  As long as he has a full belly and a nap, he's good to go.  Lately he has been having meltdowns if you walk away from him.  I think I remember Selah going through something similar around this age.  Makes you feel loved but a little hard to get anything done while holding a 20 pound squirming bowling ball.  He loves his sister and is really gaining interest in Remi but I can't say the love is mutual yet. 

Diet: It was a very sad day for me recently when Harrison decided he was done nursing.  Did not want anything to do with the milk bar.  Insert very sad face here.  As solids go though, we're working on finding foods he enjoys.  Puffs and teething wafers are a big hit.  He prefers the Plum Organic brand. 

Clothes: He's fully in 12 month clothes now.  I can't really buy too much of one size in bulk since I don't know what size he'll be in for what season.  So I just get a few things here and there.  I do love Carter's onesies though.  They don't seem to shrink a lot like some of the other brands. 

Likes: Puffs, your food, big sister Selah, Remi, stuffed animals, his blanket...can't sleep without it. 

Dislikes: Being walked away from if he's hungry or tired and he'll let ya know it!