Harrison : 7 Months Old

Weight & Height: Big.  He's a big boy...period.  Rolls for days and buddy makes thankles look good.  I'm guessing he's around 21+ pounds now as he seems to be gaining around a pound a month. 

Health & Milestones: He's been teething since he hit 3 months with still no teeth to be seen.  He's also sitting up by himself.  I mean, how could he not with that serious caboose he has for stability?!  He's also got himself a new convertible car seat now!  He was getting waaay too heavy to haul around in his infant car seat anymore and I majorly pulled a muscle in my shoulder and bicep taking him out of my vehicle so while Target was having an awesome special on baby gear, we went with this bad boy

Sleep: Sleep is still going well.  He goes to bed around 6:30 and will usually be asleep within 20 minutes.  He likes to scootch around his crib, check out the corners and then pass out til between 6:30-7AM.  Naps are pretty good but he does have some off days...who doesn't!

Personality: He is pretty chill.  As long as he has a full belly and a nap, he's good to go.  He loves his sister, that's for sure.  We're thankful to have such easy-going kids.

Diet: I was sure that Harrison would be nomming on cheeseburgers by now but this boy is not a big fan of solids yet.  He definitely does not like purees and he'll naw on some solids here and there but overall, he's still on about a 50-50 breastmilk/formula diet.

Clothes: I'm about ready to move him into his 9-12 month clothes as they're getting short on him when it comes to onesies.  Clothing is tough when you're such a stocky lil' guy! 

Likes: Food, big sister Selah, being tickled, being carried.  Pretty much anything; he's really laid back. 

Dislikes: Being walked away from if he's hungry or tired and he'll let ya know it!