Harrison : 10 Months

Weight & Height: Now that he's a crawling speed machine, he seems to have thinned out slightly.  And when I say slightly, he's still large and in charge and about ready to start paying Selah back for some of her older sister shenanigans.

Health & Milestones: This past month ramped up in terms of teething.  Harrison got 3 teeth in...all at the same time of course because it's more fun that way.  Not.  He has his 2 top teeth in and then one to the left of his bottom teeth.  He doesn't really let me look in his mouth much to check for more without trying to try the chompers out.  He's also all about the 'mama'.  Selah said 'dada' waaay before 'mama' so I'm definitely loving the motherly devotion this time ;)

Sleep: Morning naps have been a little off for him.  He'd better not be thinking about dropping that bad boy anytime soon because I may lose my mind a little.  I do Selah's preschooling during his morning naps so that's a big reason why I'm hoping he's not ditching it.

Personality: He's definitely more sensitive than Selah but also way more rambunctious than she was at this age.  Granted, this was the baby that hardly ever had a still moment in utero, cannot be left on any surface more than 6 inches above the ground, and is usually sporting at least one new goose egg an hour.  Total boy from what I'm told.  I'm scared.

Diet: He will eat anything that you put in front of him, as long as he can do it himself.  He doesn't want you to put it in his mouth, thankyouverymuch.  Just set it down and walk away!  Also, if you're eating something, he will full on pitch a fit to get some of it.  Apparently we need to start a Food Savings Account for this kid.

Clothes: He is now in 18 month clothes with a few 12 month clothes.  This is only because Colorado cannot get its act together weather wise and act like the middle of October that it is.  So Harrison is wearing his short sleeve stuff (which is all 12 month stuff) until it gets below 80 degrees.  We're also flying to Florida this month to visit the in-laws so he'll just have to hold out in the 12 month gear for a few days because I really can't justify buying half a dozen 18 month short sleeve onesies just for this trip.  Yes, I'll spend $30 on one onesie for family photos but not on several pieces for a trip.  Priorities people.

Likes: Puffs, your food, big sister Selah, Remi, stuffed animals, his blanket...can't sleep without it. 

Dislikes: Being walked away from if he's hungry or tired and he'll let ya know it!