Easter Fashion

I'll be the first to admit that I was a little worried that dressing a little boy wouldn't be as much fun as dressing a girl but I can now say that that is in fact not true.  Granted the accessories for boys are more limited but who am I kidding!  I've spent a small fortune on headbands and bows for Selah and the girl will not keep anything on her head or in her hair for more than 5 minutes and she ends up looking like a homeless kid with that wild crazy hair of hers. 

So while I'm still a big fan of the onesies for Mr. I Have Rolls of Adorableness Everywhere, I gotta say the spring and Easter fashions for kiddos are killing me!  Here are some must haves (and already haves) for this spring and summer for my little ones.

This adorable outfit can be found at Target right now in their Easter dressy category.  I just about died when I saw this online and it's even cuter in person.  It screams Connecticut Casual a la Andy Bernard from The Office and I can't wait to get Harrison in it for some summer pics.

I bought this outfit for Harrison to wear for Easter Sunday and it arrived the day we were going to a friend's wedding and I just couldn't resist putting him in it and lemme just say, he was killing it in this outfit.  Another score from Target!

I was in Old Navy this morning to pick up some of their awesome flip flops for Selah when I stumbled across this one piece for Harrison.  The picture does not do it's cuteness justice and I just had to get it for my little man.  The material is a little thin but that's okay considering it does get pretty freaking hot around here during the summer months.

And cue ridiculous internal screaming over these boat shoes.  Because what baby boy doesn't need boat shoes to go with his previous country club look outfits?

I probably get 90% of Selah's clothes from Target because they're always on point fashion wise and they're also affordable.  And any excuse I can get to meander my cart over into the clothing area, I'll take.  Win win.  During the same online shopping 'trip' as Harrison's other outfits, I found this dress for Selah for Easter.  The Cherokee brand makes really well made stuff and while their stuff does run a little big, it's good because I can usually get more than one season out of it for my 93rd height percentile little lady.

I got this cardigan to go with the above dress as well because not only could it be snowing here on Easter, it's such a great color that will go with a lot of other things she has already.

These jelly sandals are super cute and would go with Selah's dress but looking at these bring me back to the ones I had as a kid and how gawd awful they made your feet smell.  Decisions decisions.

This dress keeps catching my eye whenever I'm at Target so I may just have to bite the bullet and pick it up.  I think the little circles are embroidered and it's a great melon-y color that would work well during the summer as well.  Dang you Target and your irresistible clothes!

Since I'm still in this weird in between phase of maternity clothes being huge on me (thank you for that!), my hips are still not cooperating in the pants department and neither is my, ahem, upper half, I'm trying to figure out what to do with myself for Easter.  I have a couple cute maxi dresses that I may consider because honestly, shopping for clothes right now (and especially trying them on) is not as fun as it used to be so until then, I'll just make sure my kids look cute!

Harrison : 3 Months Old

Weight: He weighs 14.4 pounds and is quite the little chunker.  He has some serious rolls on his legs and is getting some on his neck and arms too.  Selah was never a chunky baby so I'm loving his rolliness!

Health: Dan and I had some weird viral thing for about a week and a half.  Not sure if it was a low dose of the flu since we both had our shots but it was annoying to say the least.  Headaches, sore throat, chills, body aches.  Come to find out, Harrison had a touch of it as well but I didn't realize it at the time.  His sudden zero napping during the day and scream fests should've tipped me off that he was sick but when you don't have obvious symptoms like what a cold shows you, I didn't know.  Thankfully he's feeling better and back to his cheerful and napping self :)

Sleep: Minus the awful week where he was sick and was not napping at all, he's been doing great.  He's had 2 nights where he slept from 6:30pm to 6:15-6:30am.  I was pumped!  Otherwise, he's pretty regularly going 7-8 hours a stretch.  Naps are going better and while he's taking them in his Mamaroo at the moment, I'll take it because we're in the middle of moving and I need all the time to pack I can get!

Personality: I'm loving how smiley he's gotten this past month.  He gets very chatty with me and loves to talk with you.

Diet: Still going strong with the breastfeeding...woohoo!  Given how chunky he is and the amount of rolls he has on his legs, I'd say he's doing quite well :)

Clothes: He's definitely out of all his 0-3 month onesies.  We're in this weird in between phase with the weather so I'm unsure if I should get more long sleeve 3-6 month onesies or short sleeve.  It's 80 degrees right now today but tomorrow could be snowing.  You never know here.

Likes: He loves his playmat and the little 'mobile' on his Mamaroo.  Being held is definitely preferred for him and that will keep him pacified for quite awhile.

Dislikes: Dude does not like his car seat.  Not sure if it's the specific car seat itself or just being at that angle but he's not a fan.  I'd like to wait to get him a convertible car seat until he's able to sit up by himself for when we go out to eat and such and can sit in a high chair so hopefully he can hold out just a little while longer.

Postpartum: I'm feeling good and glad that I can workout again.  Although that's been on hold with this upcoming move because my free time has been taken over by packing.  Really looking forward to getting to the new place so I can get back on the fitness train!