Summer Sandal Fun

I'm seriously schizophrenic when it comes to the weather I like.  August rolls around and I'm complaining about the heat like a toddler.  'I don't wanna be hot anymore!' Cue whining and potential rolling around on the floor. (Let's be honest...I'm probably complaining about it in July).  Then comes winter and a couple mild days and I'm all, 'I'm so tired of the cold...where is summer?!' Yeah, it happens every year without fail.  This year, I think I was over winter in late January.  A new personal best for me ;)
(This is a pretty accurate description.)

Our 'spring' had a string of really mild days; some even in the low 70's.  Heck, throw in 50 degrees and people in Colorado are walking around in their shorts and flip flops.  When we get even a hint of warm weather returning, I'm dreaming of shorts and flip flops.  So now that summer is (un)officially here (and I'm already cursing the 15 day forecast of upper 90's), I figured a little roundup of some of my favorite sandals would be appropriate.

1) I saw these super sweet and unique sandals on a girl I Instagram stalk last summer.  (Don't know you do it too.)  I spent an unGodly amount of time trying to find these sandals online because I had no idea what brand they were; only that they had fringe.  So when I finally found them in my size, I realized that while this particular store carried them, you couldn't order them online and I'd have to go into the store to order them.  And that meant going to the mall.  I hate the mall.  Target, Old Navy...those are fine but the mall sucks.  I finally gathered up the cajones to drive to the mall and order these hadtohave sandals.  So after getting accosted by one of those smarmy makeup kiosk guys for my 'uneven skin and wrinkles' (yeah, definitely not buying your overpriced crap now dude), I got talked into buying some socks so I'd get the free shipping.  Big side eye there because I think I ended up paying $15 for 3 pairs of gym socks.  I was in a hurry to get out of there and avoid super flattering makeup guy.  Long side note but yes, I hate the mall but these sandals were worth it.  So lucky for you, Zappos now has these sandals in all kinds of sizes and now in 4 different colors!  They're really unique and different than a lot of sandals out there right now.  Your uneven skin and wrinkles thank me ;)

2) I have long been a lover and wearer of flip flops.  They're easy to put on in a hurry and usually help that fresh pedi to look cute.  I've been known to hold onto flip flops that are possibly 12 years old because they not only remind you of your raft guiding days but they've also been discontinued.  I even wore them today. That being said, it is possible to dress up your flip flop!  After seeing several bloggers rocking the insanely cute rubber Valentino bow flip flops, I went on a search to find something similar in a price point that wasn't heart attack inducing.  Call me crazy but I have an issue with spending $300 on a pair of flip flops.  $300 for glorified pool shoes.  They're super cute but just no. So, I bought this pair instead last summer and they're seriously freaking cute although I'd advise against wearing them around water because your feet will slip right out. But fashion can be dangerous at times ;)

3) Okay, so I may have gone on a rant above about paying $300 for a pair of flip flops but hear me out on these next shoes!  I'd had my eye on these little lovelies for awhile and finally pulled the trigger on the Tory Burch Miller sandals as a 'Happy Birthday to me' present.  I got the Dulce de Leche color and black and I have worn them both no less than a dozen times already.  They go with everything and while they may be 'basic', they definitely dress up an outfit. And they're on serious sale right now too!  There are tons of other colors too but I'm totally happy with these two and don't really see any need to get another color.

Now, off I go to slap a bandaid on my foot because I wore the 12 year old flip flops today and got jabbed with a stick because the soles are super thin now! ;)