Winter Tubing Fun at Copper Mountain

Winters here in Colorado can be kind of hit and miss.  Some months are milder than normal and then some are colder and snowier, thus making for some real nice levels of cabin fever and stir crazy attitudes ;)  We'd had a few heavy snowstorms recently followed by some pretty cold temps so it kind of made playing outside long enough to burn some energy off a little difficult.  We were all itching to get outside and do something but it was clear going to the neighborhood playground for 10 minutes before we froze to death was not going to cut it.  

The husband was going out of town for a few days and I thought it would be a perfect time to hang out with a good friend of mine and get the kiddos together.  Kiddos playing together = tired kiddos = happy moms :)  One of our local ski areas that I love (and was a former employer of mine) has a fantastic tubing hill, as well as something for the little ones.  So off we went to Copper Mountain!  

While Selah is tall enough for their big tubing hill, Harrison was not so we decided to take them all into Critterland.  Okay, I'll admit that I was bummed we wouldn't be visiting the real tubing hill but this ended up being pretty cool too.   For $10 for the entire day (yes, you read that right), the kids got to play in this 'playground'.

There's even a mini tubing hill.  Good thing I've been working out because walking up and down the hill at 9700 feet above sea level tests the ol' lungs out!

A tubing carousel is perfect for those kids that want to be pulled on the tube...and mom doesn't want to do it ;)

I was a little worried that Harry would not be a fan of being in the snow given his first attempt earlier this year (complete and utter meltdown.  I'm talking 'neighbors checking to make sure I wasn't stealing someone else's kid' type meltdown).  However, you can see he was loving it.

Still loving it.  Maybe not loving the fact that I made him wear a pair of his sister's old boots because I kept forgetting to order him his own pair.  Well, the kid hates shoes period so it was a given he wouldn't like the size too big, pink argyle boots I shoved on his feet.

Mountain girls. 

I'm not sure why the random sinkhole is in the snow but I do know I had to haul Harry out of it a good dozen times.
The day could not have been more beautiful weather wise.  That's the thing I love about (some) winter days in Colorado.  It was in the 30's up there but it was so warm that we were all shedding layers early on and no one was have a hypothermic meltdown.

Seriously cannot recommend Copper Mountain enough, especially for families.  It's not as big as nearby and more well-known Breckenridge but it's top notch and still my fave all these years later.

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