3 Brown KIDS and Counting!!!

Let's just ignore the fact that this poor blog has had radio silence for several months.  I have a semi decent excust

We always knew we wanted more than 2 kids when we started down that road and toward the end of the summer, started talking about adding numero tres to the mix.  Being the overthinking analytical Type A person that I am, I had planned out starting the 'let's pull the goalie' process for October/November-ish because it worked well with the timeline I had.  We've been renting our house until we figure out where we want to move and with our lease being up at the end of April, I didn't want to move A)with a newborn or B) hugely pregnant.  My October/November goal fit both those requirements but my sweet, loving husband seemed to have forgotten that little conversation we had and oops...wouldn't you know it?  I got all sorts of knocked up last August.  Which gave me a due date of early May.  What's that saying?  If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.  Yeah...pretty much.

Once I find out I'm pregnant (at least with both Selah and Harrison), I (usually) get a couple of weeks of not feeling any different.  You know, enough to make one think they're not going to feel bad.  Then it all kinda goes downhill.  And boy did it go downhill this time.  Wow.  I was soooo much sicker this time; and for far longer than with either of the kids.  Whereas I was pretty much done and feeling better by 10 weeks with both kids, this time I was still feeling like death up until about 15 weeks.  And 'morning' sickness is a total crock.  It's all day sickness folks.  With Selah and Harrison, I was just really tired for the first few weeks and had that constant carsick feeling.  Nothing too horrible.  This time, it was the world's worst hangover ALL DAY LONG.  For 3 months.  I cried a lot.  And looked downright awful 95% of the time.  And let's not forget flying with the kids to Florida to see the in-laws right at the start of all the craptastic feeling period.  Picture Harrison strapped to me in the Ergo, me pushing the stroller with his car seat in it and hoofing it through the terminal with Selah running behind as I'm dry heaving and gagging, trying to find the bathroom.  Luckily, I didn't barf all over the poor kid's head.

So here we are, mid February and I have a little under 3 months left to go.  Seriously no idea where the time went on this one.  I've been so insanely busy the last few months between homeschooling Selah, photography sessions, working for the hubby's business and trying to keep up with 2 small people who have an endless supply of energy.  Before we know it, this little lady (yes, it's a girl...the only time I accurately guessed our kids' gender) will be here and hopefully I'll still have some sanity left to go with it!

Our family photos for this year.  The kids were originally supposed to be holding a 1 and 2 balloon, respectively, but the 2 exploded in the car on the way up the mountain so just the 3 it was!  Which probably worked out for the best because by the time we took this pic, it was 45 degrees out, a few meltdowns had already happened and no one was going to cooperate and hold the other 2 balloons.

Who doesn't like dragging their kids to the middle of a corn field when it's 20 degrees out to take a gender reveal photo?  Totally worth it for just that 1 photo.  Every mom knows exactly what I'm talking about ;)

Welcome to the family Baby Girl Brown!

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